BitBase, Listed Its BTBS Token on Bittrex Global

BitBase, Listed Its BTBS Token on Bittrex Global

The traditional banking system has had numerous issues over the years, including delayed transactions, complications, and limited accessibility to all population segments. 

Cryptocurrency has provided all the necessary instruments for supplying what was absent in the previous system.  

BitBase is one of the platforms that has given a new meaning to the cryptocurrency system, providing ways for individuals to use digital coins in their daily lives without worry.  

Introducing the BTBS token 

The BitBase ecosystem provides a diverse range of products and services that increase the utility of cryptocurrency. However, before participating in the complete ecosystem, participants must first purchase their BTBS token.  


The token serves numerous roles within the ecosystem and can be used by holders via the BitBase App. BTBS is also the central location for all BitBase financial activity and will serve as the foundation for BitBase’s economy.  

The cryptocurrency is built on the standard ERC20 and BEP20 protocols, and it may be found on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains. It has a total issuance supply of 100 million and will never increase in value.  

The blockchain principle allows for the creation of digital assets that represent tangible or intangible services. The token intends to tokenize its services, and managing it on an app gives up new chances as it meets future acceptance issues.  

The token also serves as a means of assisting the system’s operation. It can manage system fees and discounts, liquidity, Dex gas fees, pay listing fees, token burns, founding team allocation, and quadratic DAO implementation.  

The main benefits  

The BitBase platform connects traditional finance and DeFi, creating a bridge between the current and open finance sectors, allowing individuals to use cryptocurrencies regularly with greater flexibility.  

In a few simple steps, the platform expands its accessibility via the store or the BitBase App, bringing the cryptocurrency world closer to people and giving it greater power. The company has a user-friendly platform and an inclusive attitude, resulting in a collaborative model in which holders have varying degrees of control over the company’s future.  

Individuals can use the company’s services in many ways, including offline services, current stores and ATMs, in-store services, and digital services. Users can also have additional possibilities because the site offers loans via BitCredit and a physical form via BitCard and BitPos, which act as payment gateways.  

As the company expands, it can have BitBase franchisees and extend its services in other towns or even other countries.  


BitBase is more than just a typical cryptocurrency platform because it offers more services, payment methods, and products that have previously been available. The platform has come into the light in 2017 to make the decentralized economy more accessible and useful to society by delivering services directly to the street.  

They already have 26 physical stores in 21 locations, as well as more than 60 ATMs. Overall, the BitBase project is a Spanish Phygital Exchange where users can quickly and safely purchase and sell any cryptocurrency on the market in cash, bank transfer, or credit card. 

Newcomers to the cryptocurrency world are always welcome here, as its professionals supply bank-level help services during the onboarding process, and they can answer all their physical and online questions. In addition, they will also help individuals to configure their wallets, to be able to store their cryptocurrencies more safely.  

BitBase removes the traditional barriers in the cryptocurrency space, therefore, making it more accessible, faster, and secure for anyone in this industry.  

Recently, the platform had listed its BTBS Token on Bittrex Global on November 17. The BitBase Token can be purchased on their website or PancakeSwap and UniSwap. 


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