Crypto Memes in 2021: Remembering, Crying and Laughing

Crypto Memes in 2021: Remembering, Crying and Laughing

Crypto Memes: For participants of the crypto community, 2021 was remembered through the medium of memes. Here are some of them. 

What’s up with Bitcoin

The most capitalized cryptocurrency – Bitcoin (BTC) – began 2021 with active growth. For 12 months, the coin upped the ante several times. The peak of $68,789 was recorded on November 10, 2021, according to the resource CoinMarketCap.

Against the background of the active growth of cryptocurrency, members of the crypto community did not miss the opportunity to laugh at inexperienced investors who bought coins in the wake of hype.

Alas. The glorious heights that bitcoin reached in November 2021 was followed by a protracted period of correction. Partly to blame is the Chinese authorities – they decided to expel miners from the country. Many members of the crypto community of the PRC had to disconnect their equipment from the network and search for a new home. Bitcoin embarked on a downer.


By the end of the year, investors urged other market participants not to panic. They suggested that investors should use the dip in price to buy. Thanks to such optimists, a video about the periodic falls of BTC and purchases at the bottom went viral.

Simultaneously, many members of the crypto community continued to wait for bitcoin to hit $100,000.

Investors also held out hope that the Taproot update would help. The update took place in November 2021 on the block number 709 632.

Investors with nerves of steel

The high level of volatility of the digital asset market in 2021 was one of the hot topics of discussion. Investors jokingly noted that the behavior of cryptocurrencies significantly affected their level of their well-being.

“2 weeks ago, 2 days ago, yesterday, today.”

Many investors began to complain that such sharp movements in the digital asset market began to negatively affect their psyche.

Is Bitcoin at the bottom again?”

At the same time, many also noted the illogical behavior of market participants, who often arrange sales of digital assets at the most inopportune moment.

“Hold on. Keep. And now we’re selling.”

At the same time, members of the crypto community did not forget that in 2022 the digital asset market may face a new series of obstacles.

Despite this, investors are optimistic about the future, since bitcoin and other leaders of capitalization have been steadily demonstrating positive dynamics for several years.

Another topic for discussion was the hype around the “dog” cryptocurrencies (Dogecoin and Shiba Inu). Due to the growing popularity of the coins, many investors believed that capitalization leaders such as Bitcoin and Ethereum were beaten back.

In 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were also on the wave of hype. The prices of virtual tokens reached up to millions of dollars. The willingness of market participants to pay such large sums for digital NFTs has become an occasion for jokes.

Squid Games merges with crypto

Members of the crypto community also were caught by the South Korean series ‘Squid Game.’ Its popularity was taken advantage of by scammers. Unknown people launched a cryptocurrency on the series. After the coin attracted the attention of the crypto community and investment, the attackers fled with their money.

Many investors also ironically noted that the work in the digital asset market is in many ways similar to one of the contests Squid Games. Participants have to carefully break off the background from the sign on the cookie. Those who failed to cope died.

Inexperienced investors in the digital asset market were also facing one wrong decision (after another). Like Squid Games, they too can lose their money. Therefore, everyone is afraid of breaking the cookies.

Cryptomeme about cookies from The Squid Game. The cookie depicts the symbol of the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum by capitalization.

The outgoing year was also remembered by market participants for renaming Facebook to Meta and changing the direction of the company’s development. Representatives of the organization decided to build their own metaverse. Many investors considered the rebranding unsuccessful.

Crypto memes: El Salvador

Another topic for discussion was the legalization of bitcoin in El Salvador. In September 2021, the country’s authorities made BTC the second currency. It will operate alongside the US dollar, the national currency. A meme went viral with a reference to the joke popular in the crypto community. That is, that all successful investors in digital assets can afford to buy a Lamborghini.

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