Floki Storms Times Square with 40% Price Spike. Diverse Investors Flock to New AI Crypto with Enthusiasm

Floki Storms Times Square with 40% Price Spike. Diverse Investors Flock to New AI Crypto with Enthusiasm

Even as concerns about the legal aspects of BTC ETFs recede, the increase in interest in cryptocurrencies has led people to explore other altcoins – and Floki Inu (FLOKI) has emerged as the perfect alternative. The canine-themed meme coin recently hit the headlines with a 40% spike in its price. 

Floki Inu will soon be flashing across an HD LED screen at New York’s iconic Times Square as part of a marketing campaign. The three-month campaign will start in mid-March.

The other altcoin that has impressed crypto enthusiasts with its performance is InQubeta (QUBE). The Ethereum-powered platform enables AI startups to raise funds from crypto in exchange for a share of their equity. 

InQubeta: Taking AI startups to new heights

InQubeta empowers startups with resources that can bolster their growth and fast-track innovation in the AI space. Pitching a transparent investment model, enables crypto users to become a part of an AI-led revolution while increasing their financial independence.


All startups registered on the platform are screened carefully to reduce the scope of exploits. The crowdfunding applicants submit their pitch decks and seek investment in exchange for equity shares. The investment proposals are minted as NFTs, which are bought by crypto users with InQubeta’s official cryptocurrency known as the QUBE token. 

With some analysts considering it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now, InQubeta has been surging at breakneck speed with its presale funding, which currently stands at over $11.7 million.  

Increasingly hailed as one of the altcoins to watch out for, the token has a versatile structure that powers several key functions of the InQubeta ecosystem. People have the option of purchasing either the whole NFT or a fraction of it. Once the transaction is finalized, the funds from the NFT sales are transferred to the respective startup. 

The number of QUBE tokens up for grabs in the market at any point in time will depend on economic forces like inflation. The difference in supply is due to the token’s deflationary model. 

The model restricts the token availability whenever inflation or market volatility is on the rise. The lower supply will stabilize the asset value and bolster demand. 

The mechanism gives the QUBE token an edge over its competitors which might not be faring well due to market turbulence. Chances are that once you add the token to your portfolio, you won’t have to stress over what cryptos to buy now

If the team encounters an uptick in supply, the unwanted tokens in circulation are burned. The token burn feature is also used for controlling internal inflation. Whenever too many QUBE tokens are bought or sold, there’s always a risk that internal inflation might increase. 

To counter the problem, 1% of the taxes paid on such transactions are burned. The tax collected on every sale or purchase order is 5%. 

Floki Inu is now available on Singapore’s Coinhako exchange

As regulatory challenges for ETFs abound, meme coins like Floki Inu have been drawing broader investor interest because of their positive price action that resulted in a 40% price spike. It’s an NFT platform where crypto users can trade character NFTs. The multi-chain protocol’s native token is FLOKI. 

March 15, 2024 marked the beginning of a new marketing campaign for FLOKI. As part of the initiative, the token will be flashing on a massive LED screen at New York’s Times Square. The marketing campaign will run for three months.

The meme coin has also been in the news after it announced that the FLOKI token will now be available on Singapore’s largest exchange Coinhako. With the latest strategic move, SGD and USD users will be able to buy or sell Floki Inu on the regulated exchange. 


Floki Inu and InQubeta have been leading the crypto market to new highs with their sustained gains. These tokens are emerging cryptos that highlight the far-reaching impact of DeFi solutions. 

While Floki Inu has given a quirky twist to NFTs, it has correctly been called the ‘people’s cryptocurrency’ because of its intuitive interface. 

InQubeta has extended the use of cryptocurrencies to boost AI innovation and help startups get ahead in their business journey. The fact that it made it to leading analysts’ best cryptocurrency ICO lists months after its launch speaks volumes about its potential. 

The common feature between these two tokens is their security frameworks that employ cutting-edge technology to keep their users’ assets well-guarded. 

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