GRT Price Buckling Up While Loopring Price On Critical Phase

grt chart

The Graph Token(GRT) Price Manifest Bullish Trend

The Graph token since inception maintained a notable uptrend and reached its highs close to $3 at $2.8. Woefully, ever since the market dropped miserably in may, the GRT price maintained a silent trend since then. After going parabolic, the asset is testing the crucial resistance levels at the press time. And if the price slices through these levels, then a decent uptrend may make its way. 

Source: Tradingview

The GRT price since the mid of October, maintained a notable uptrend, eliminating the selling pressure. However, after trending within the ascending triangle, the price is slicing through the crucial resistance levels. After breaching the levels around $1.27, the asset may experience a slight pullback and finally range high towards $1.7.

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Loopring Price Poised For Massive Breakout

Loopring remained silent since its inception and gained the limelight very recently ever since it managed to gain more than 600%. As the DeFi space initiated to swell, many new and lesser-known tokens gained huge attention. And LRC is one of them. Currently, the price is trending within the crucial levels and a breakout is mandatory. 

lrc price
Source: Tradingview

The LRC price since the start of the current trading month is following a substantial uptrend. No doubt the price also plunged, yet failed to drop beyond the support levels. However, considering the current uptrend, the price has formed a notable bullish flag. The outcome of the flag remains bullish, yet the bearish trend may not be completely nullified. 

Collectively, The Graph token (GRT) price and Loopring (LRC) price are primed for a notable uptrend. After successfully achieving these levels, both assets may head towards the next targets either at the ATH or somewhere in the discovery phase. 

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