How Blockchain and VR Help to Discover the Future

How Blockchain and VR Help to Discover the Future

Blockchain games are not just about games, they are about life, business, economy, and discovering the future.

Metaverse and the doors that it opens. NFT Moon Metaverse – connecting space and blockchain innovations. Space exploration, blockchain, VR, and the Metaverse – top of all the innovations of today’s world.

1. Blockchain games are not just about games, they are about life, business, economy, and discovering the future.

Nowadays blockchain technology has been leveraged in many economic and social sectors, such as education, healthcare, logistics and distribution, charity, M2M economy, finance, and, of course, the gaming industry.  Blockchain is changing the gaming industry and making it more player-friendly by opening new possibilities of the offbeat life-like gaming experience as well as the chance to monetize gamers’ assets and accomplishments.

Why are the blockchain games different?

A lot of online games are centralized. They store most of the related data such as account information, history, in-game assets (collectibles, items, and virtual money) on the server that is fully controlled by a single company. Therefore, players don’t have real ownership of their accounts and digital assets as everything is governed by the game producers. More than that, centralized servers that host the game lack transparency and safety — they can be easily hacked.


Blockchain games on the other hand come short of such vulnerabilities because the blockchain is cryptographically stored on multiple servers across the world. So there is no single company that controls the network and no single database that can be easily attacked or hacked. If you add here the low cost of the instant transactions that help users exchange money and game-related assets in seconds and you can easily see the reason why blockchain games are breaking new ground in VR.

New possibilities of creating and monetizing your game-experience

VR of the blockchain games is a complex of astounding in-game experiences that were not possible before. More than that it is the way to get some real income from your game by taking part in the diverse game-economy system that is bound to the real economy and marketplaces.

The blockchain games are based on the Metaverse as a complex of plots of land. That opens up the immense opportunity to speculate on the digital land itself. You can buy those parcels, resell them in time, rent them to others etc. Buying the NFT land parcels has become extremely popular over the past year. The market of NFT projects has really boomed in 2021 with the prices reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars per land parcel.

Another way to make a profit via blockchain was brought to gaming by DeFi. It is farming of the passive income by staking collectibles or other assets that players have accumulated in the game to DeFi liquidity pools.

Creating your own virtual space in the Metaverse

 All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg. The real boom happens when users are able to make real use of their NFTs, to experience them just as they were intended. If it’s a plot of virtual land, you ought to do something on it, build, develop infrastructure, invite visitors — use it for some real immersive purposes.

For people who have a great imagination or are capable of actually building something valuable, there is a huge field of actions. You can put up any kind of digital building on your parcel: a casino, a store, you can generate revenue, you can charge rent, you can sell space for advertising, you can build a museum, make an exhibition of crypto-art, and charge admission, etc. The list of the things you can do and the ideas you can implement in the blockchain game is really boundless.

In these Metaverses, people can wander around with friends, visit virtual buildings and attend virtual events, which can be very useful under the conditions of the pandemic. Imagine going to a concert or to a museum together with your friend, not leaving the house, not even leaving your room. Or dream big! Imagine a flight to the moon, you and your friend together.

Moreover, when you settle down in the Metaverse and build your micro-economy there, you become a stakeholder of the game and get the powers to participate in governing this Metaverse. Thanks to the transparency of the blockchain the gaming mechanics can only be modified if the majority of the NFT-holders community votes in favor of it.

The word “Metaverse” (from “meta” = “beyond”) is mainly used to describe the notion of a future version of the Internet, consisting of collective, virtually shared, and connected 3D spaces combined to a perceived virtual universe. Metaverse – is the convergence of our physical and digital worlds launched by the progress of blockchain and the evolution of AR and VR. The top of all our fantasies ever imagined being realized right now.

More and more investors see the future in this breathtaking process and therefore inject a lot of their funds. According to Forbes magazine, over $400 million have already been contributed to the NFTs – the metaverse’s currency. That amount is growing every month now, and a great deal of the most expensive NFT-transactions in history have been conducted particularly within February and March 2021.

Metaverse-based games are more than just games, they are a truly social experience so unique and so much necessary and red-hot for people under the pandemic conditions.

The Metaverse-generating games are special due to the system of their ingame economics. The players have to start from buying plots of the land in order to build the ingame real estate property further down the line. As time flows the games gain popularity, the prices for those estates naturally grow, plus more and more facilities (houses, cities, economics) are being constantly built there. Therefore, virtual investors can save or farm their tokens. Even being virtual, those estates, nevertheless, can become a very essential investment asset.

Today we want to present you a project NFT Moon Metaverse. The project had started long before Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta, which focus will be to help the metaverse come to life and help people connect, interact easily online and grow businesses. Because as innovators the authors of this project see the importance of Metaverse development.

 NFT Moon Metaverse project is based on the digital copy of our Moon and the idea is to make it inhabited – to work out digital cities and economies on the empty surface of the Moon. All the land plots, characters, and other in-game assets there are NFTs, and our big goal is to make this digital world interoperable. When entering the Metaverse, later on, one must have the possibility to interact with users of any site and gain access to the purchase and sale of any kind of products and services.

So NFT Moon Metaverse is a part of the greater global Metaverse as a place to communicate, to make business, to farm on DeFI, to study, to express yourself by showcasing or selling your NFT-collectibles and, of course, to make good deals.

Here is why we think Metaverse is worth it.

The first big technology platform was the Web, which digitized information, subjecting knowledge to the power of algorithms. The second great platform for digitizing people, their behavior, and relationships was social media. We are now witnessing the birth of the third platform, which is going to digitize everything else, all the things and places of the world. Whoever dominates this huge third level will become the wealthiest and most powerful people and companies in history, just as those who now are the first on the Web and the social networks. Humanity is at the dawn of the new Internet era, this is your lucky chance to become a part of this tremendous process!

Dreams about space have always been the force for progress for humankind in the 20-21th centuries. Space exploration and VR are linked more and more with each passing year. That is the reason why the NFT Moon project is working with these advanced technologies.

 On the basis of digital sections of the Moon’s surface, they build a virtual ecosystem NFT Moon Metaverse, in which people who are interested in space discovery themes will be able to gain virtual experience in space interaction, building cities and economies on the Moon. Metaverse members can create, own and monetize their multi-blockchain gaming experience using NFT and the NTM token.

The NFT Moon Metaverse team is considering the option of attracting an aerospace company to give more to their client’s experience. NFT Moon Metaverse team has even contacted the giants of space exploration such as Blue Origin and RosCosmos so far. The idea is to enable the NFT Moon participants to be able to make a real flight into space as space tourists in the future.

A distinctive feature of the Moon Metaverse is its connection to the real world. They are creating not just a game, but an entire ecosystem that can become a micro-simulator for building economies and organizing life on other planets, in which people can simulate life in space in the distant future, find soulmates and create communities, build businesses, learn something new, and of course make real money.


Blockchain and VR are definitely changing the virtual world as well as the future of our real world. Blockchain games and Metaverse are one step from becoming the real economy digitally stored in VR. With advances of the blockchain the Metaverse and VR will most likely be integrated with our real-world experience sooner and deeper than we can imagine right now. We can now be sure that the Metaverse and VR are here to stay and help humankind, and it is high time to take your seat in this great spaceship called “Metaverse”.

Yesterday the guys from the NFT Team Moon Metaverse summed up the results of the drawing of places in the guaranteed White List (250 winners) and the White List – 500 winners, 750 in total.

The winners had the opportunity to buy the Token at the lowest price, starting from $ 0.004 with a price increase up to $ 0.01.

 Do not miss your ticket to a brighter future!  For up-to-date information, see the official website, Telegram chats, Discord, and Twitter.


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