Manta Pacific to Provide On-Chain Access for AGI Models

Slide from a Dec. 6 presentation by Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler at a Columbia University blockchain conference in New York. (Blocknative)

April 4: Celo Foundation and Rarible on Thursday introduced “Celosphere,” a new NFT marketplace powered by RaribleX and platforming digital ownership, according to the team: “Built on Celo, an emerging Ethereum layer-2 and mobile-first blockchain network, the Celosphere provides creators with the tools to bring their diverse digital collectibles to communities around the world.” In a blog post, the foundation said: “The launch of Celosphere is a continuation of Rarible’s collaboration to empower creators, following the March 7th integration of Rarible API on Celo. Through the integration, builders of decentralized applications (dApps) leveraging NFT technology on Celo gained access to robust toolkits including a real-time NFT indexer, multi-chain support, and more.” The foundation also announced the launch of “Celo Creators Fund, distributing 150,000 Celo-native USDC for creators, with inaugural community partners Refraction, Boys Club, Rug Radio and HUG.” (CELO) (RARI)

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