METACADE Tokens Set To Debut on Decentralized Exchanges

METACADE Tokens Set To Debut on Decentralized Exchanges

While bitcoin has finally started to see a price recovery in light of the banking crisis in the United States, those wondering about whether to buy Ethereum (ETH) should know it hasn’t been able to keep up. Now, Metacade’s MCADE token is about to be listed on decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap, following an extremely successful presale. So, which one of these assets is the best crypto to buy now? Is it sensible to buy Ethereum, or are there better investments?

Excitement Builds Around MCADE Exchange Listings

Excitement has been building around the investment potential of MCADE, and now crypto traders are paying even closer attention, with the impending listing of Metacade’s native token on decentralized exchanges. Listing on exchanges often has a huge impact on the prices of crypto tokens, due to the added liquidity they generate in the process.

Metacade is one of the most highly-anticipated Web3 gaming platforms on the market, and the MCADE token is going to be at the center of this ecosystem’s economy. The MCADE token is what will allow Metacade community members to share revenue earned by the platform in a variety of ways such as advertising, job listings, cash prize tournaments, and pay-to-play arcade games.

The benefits of getting into a project that shares real revenue with token holders are significant, and vastly different from dApp investors like those that want to buy Ethereum. It’s why traders are increasingly leaning towards the view of MCADE being the best crypto to buy now.


Metacade is a Web3 gaming platform and community that is ready to evolve, and with the presale over, funds are in place to build out their roadmap. After listing on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and finding its seat on various centralized exchanges, initial developments around Metacade can begin.

A universal hangout will be at the center of the Metacade platform, uniting gamers and developers in one arena, to collaborate and develop the future of Web3 gaming. Ultimately, the idea is to use the MCADE token to enable Metacade to operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the future.

MCADE tokens will be used as currency for multiple aspects across Metacade, such as Compete2Earn features where players can partake in gaming tournaments, using MCADE tokens to enter.

Staking is also possible, and an interesting feature of staking with MCADE with rewards paid out in MCADE tokens. Staking rewards will come from the various sources of revenue generated by Metacade.

Metacade plans to transition into a DAO by the end of 2024. This will involve Metacade handing out roles to the Metacade community, and the MCADE token will help enable DAO governance. It will include granting MCADE token holders the ability to vote on Metagrants for new games, developed exclusively for the Metacade platform.

While Ethereum also has staking, anyone looking to buy Ethereum should understand it is not set up in a manner similar to Metacade, where stablecoin-denominated revenue is shared directly with token holders. Instead, ETH is used for rewards, which could be dumped on the market.

You can buy Metacade here.


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