The Social Network That Pays for Your Engagement Online

The Social Network That Pays for Your Engagement Online

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In the bustling realm of social media, users are spoilt for choice with myriad tools for interaction, particularly within the ever-vigilant crypto community.

Yet, amidst this digital chatter, a new player is changing the game. Phemex, recognized as a top 5 cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled a social trading platform that’s more than just a place to exchange ideas—it’s a space where your engagement is rewarded with daily crypto incentives.

PhemexPulse has launched unveiling a substantial prize pool of 50 million Phemex Tokens (PT). As PT is the exchange’s native token with significant potential, PhemexPulse is poised to offer its users authentic benefits that distinguish it from conventional social trading platforms.


The new talk of the town, PhemexPulse is revolutionizing how time spent online can yield tangible benefits, and it’s already winning the hearts of users worldwide. If you haven’t already jumped on the PhemexPulse bandwagon, here’s a rundown for you to catch up and start turning your online routine into real rewards. 

Putting the emphasis back on the users 

Phemex recognizes the pivotal role that exchanges play in nurturing crypto communities as trusted partners and has long invested in maintaining a strong community. Last year, Phemex unveiled its Web 3.0 ecosystem and committed to shifting from a centralized to a hybrid exchange, effectively decentralizing its vital components to provide an even more transparent, inclusive, and united platform for its users.

The exchange launched the Phemex Token (PT) on November 2023, as well as its governance token, vePT, which can be earned by staking PT and will soon grant the members of its Web 3.0 ecosystem governance rights in PhemexDAO. 

Community engagement lies at the heart of Phemex’s mission, a fact underscored by the rapid growth of its Web 3.0 ecosystem, which has attracted over 30,000 users in a relatively short span. However, Phemex’s vision extends beyond these impressive numbers; they aim to cultivate a cohesive and active community of contributors.

Enter PhemexPulse: a social trading platform crafted to bring the crypto community together. It’s a space where traders can connect and leverage their digital footprint to generate revenue.

Empowering Web 3.0 builders through group ownership 

Phemex is calling upon the architects of Web 3.0 — the innovators, influencers, and thought leaders — to establish their communities within PhemexPulse, generously funded by the exchange. At its launch a few weeks back, aspiring community leaders were required to authenticate via Twitter (now referred to as X) and possess a minimum of 500 followers. However, acknowledging that true influence in the crypto sphere transcends mere follower counts, Phemex has broadened its criteria.

Now, individuals known for their roles as community builders, Web3 enthusiasts, content creators, or distinctive contributors to the ecosystem can also qualify to become group owners on PhemexPulse. This inclusive approach by the exchange paves the way for a wider spectrum of users to forge their circles and steer the discourse on PhemexPulse.

Join a group, engage, trade, and earn daily crypto rewards three times a day! 

To date, 167 groups have been formed on PhemexPulse. You might wonder, what happens within these groups, and how does participation translate to rewards? The process is straightforward, especially for the average crypto enthusiast accustomed to spending a significant amount of time online daily.

Content creators and influencers establish their communities, referred to as groups, on PhemexPulse, with the platform open for all users to join and participate. Within these groups, members exchange trading tips, share insights, and engage in ongoing conversations. This setup not only provides traders with the chance to connect with their favorite influencers but also to interact with like-minded crypto enthusiasts.

The benefits of PhemexPulse extend further; the platform incentivizes users with rewards for their daily engagement in the groups and through their various trading activities on Phemex. 

Phemex believes that traders can benefit from having a single platform that meets both their social and trading needs. With this vision in mind, the team has meticulously designed a system to incentivize user engagement on both PhemexPulse and the Phemex trading platform. The goal is to establish a unified hub for users’ trading and social interaction needs. The scoring mechanism is a testament to this goal, offering rewards for daily user activities and interactions. 

The PhemexPulse prize pool boasts an impressive 50 million PT (Phemex Tokens), with each round offering a generous distribution from this bounty. In the ongoing round, participants can claim their share of 9,000 PT daily. Engaging in the reward mechanism is a breeze, as it leverages familiar user experiences to ensure everyone has a fair shot at the prize.

On PhemexPulse, users can earn Reward Points by engaging with the community, referring new users, actively trading, and boosting their trade volume. In an exciting new development, Phemex has introduced Raffle Fuel points for this round, which can be acquired through the completion of advanced KYC, holding PSP, PT, and ve PT as well as net-making deposits on Phemex starting from March 1st. Engaging in these actions will enhance your chances of acquiring a greater amount of PT throughout the conversion process. While Raffle Fuel resets daily, Reward Points are retained until they are redeemed. 

The final allocation of your Phemex Token payout is determined by the ratio of your accumulated Reward Points and Raffle Fuel to the entire pool of available points. Since there are three payout opportunities every day from the 9,000 PT daily prize pool, consistent engagement can lead to triple winnings each day, maximizing the benefits you receive from the platform! 

More growth potential through Inscription Marketplace 

PhemexPulse extends its value beyond its rewarding system by featuring an inscription marketplace that caters to prominent figures in the cryptocurrency world, allowing them to offer their unique inscriptions. These ordinals, scarce by nature, have shown to be a boon for the growth of their owners’ investments. Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong was among the first to release his ordinals on PhemexPulse, and these exclusive items quickly proved to be highly beneficial for their holders.

Due to their limited availability and the active community engagement on the platform, the value of these ordinals skyrocketed by 7296% shortly after their release, with an initial minting price of just 1 PT. Maintaining this extraordinary trajectory, they reached an all-time high (ATH) of 400 PT, which translates to an astonishing growth from their original value. 

Phemex’s strategy is to craft a comprehensive ecosystem that merges the aspects of social media, trading functionalities, and digital collectibles. This approach is designed to meet the diverse needs of the cryptocurrency community. In addition to these features, Phemex is dedicated to offering genuine, substantial rewards, ensuring that the time users invest in the platform is converted into tangible value.

As PhemexPulse continues to evolve, it is expected to play a significant role in redefining how traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts interact with the digital asset ecosystem.


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