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Crypto merchants in quest of capable altcoins have now become a routine errand in the business. The coin market has always been the go-to destination for high-yielding assets. With the space now catering to emerging sectors like de-fi and metaverse. Traders and hodlers now have multiple options to segregate their investments portfolio.

Although the world of de-fi tokens has been bland for the year. Enthusiasts from the sector have been optimistic about the sector emerging with the start of a new year. With certain tokens receiving growing impetus in terms of adoptions, and growth metrics. We can expect a YFI-like rally if situations prevail in favor of the sector. 

Top 3 De-Fi Tokens To Consider

   A protagonist from the crypto fraternity sheds light on capable de-fi tokens to bag for higher returns. While the quest for potential digital coins continues, for higher returns on investments with the alt season approaching the block.


  The DEX token has been garnering the interests of folks from the community, as traders get to trade in a fully decentralized manner. The protocol offers minimum slippage while imposing lower fees. The focus of the platform is now towards ETH pools, wherefore the market share has seen a rise of 21%. From the previous focus on stable coin pools of USDC, and UST.


The digital asset has been exhibiting weakness on the charts with its USDT pair, which translates to an increase in buying positions. CRV is presently trading at $3.59, with the support levels at around $3. An impulse wave could take the price to highs of $9.70 to $10 in the long term. A bullish stance from there on could propel the price to $15.

SushiSwap (SUSHI)

  SushiSwap, besides DEX, also has a lending and borrowing protocol, alongside a launchpad, and an NFT marketplace. SUSHI has been dropping heavily on the charts, with the price currently down by about 76.47% since the ATH. The digital token has rejected its support at $6.910, drag from the bears could take the price to bottoms of $2.931. The levels between $3 and $4.688 are potential entry zones. 

Bancor (BNT)

   The selling points of Bancor have been the smart contracts that manage the conversion flow between tokens as well as the access to the different liquidity pools. Moreover, the team has made announcements of Bancor V3 on the 26th of November. The update accompanies new pools, auto compounding of rewards, and deal rewards by third parties.

BNT has been making heavy corrections on the charts. Similar to what the numerous digital assets from the sector have been exhibiting. BNT is currently trading at $3.32, the digital asset has rejected the milepost of $4.770 twice. The proponent guides to consider the range lows at $2.598. 

Collectively, the De-fi tokens seem to be burning the midnight oil, whilst reinforcing the protocol fundamentally. The aforementioned could lead the space at the forefront alongside the major tokens, provided circumstances prevail in favor of the assets. We can expect the de-fi space to retrace its track in the near future.

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