Blockasset’s $BLOCK Token Sale Will Supercharge the Sports Industry

Blockasset's $BLOCK Token Sale Will Supercharge the Sports Industry

Blockasset, a blockchain-based sports platform connecting fans with superstar athletes, is delighted to announce that it will hold the token sale for its native multi-utility $BLOCK coin on December 9, 2021.

The crowdfunding event, which will take place on DaoMaker, Solanium, and Raydium, follows the massive success of the project’s flagship LeGENds NFT collection drop, which was showcased in New York Times Square in early November.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted numerous markets and industries as well as the participants within. As in-person interaction became more difficult than ever, athletes struggled to build their brands – and connect with their loyal fans looking to take their relationships with their heroes to the next level.

Fortunately, decentralization and blockchain technology provides a viable solution to this issue. Instead of accepting the status quo, decentralized sports platforms like Blockasset leverage novel technologies, including NFTs and fan tokens, to achieve engagement between athletes and their fanbases that goes well beyond pre-pandemic levels.


Meet the sports platform empowering athletes, fans, and investors

As the ultimate launchpad for the sports industry, athletes can leverage Blockasset to launch their own branded NFTs and fan tokens as well as find new, meaningful ways to interact with their loyal fanbases.

And this is a field the project has found great success in. With its proven business model, Blockasset helped athletes break Solana’s sales records on two separate occasions: first, with legendary Serie A defender Giorgio Chiellini’s ‘Gladiator’ NFT collection, and second, in early November, when Blockasset’s flagship LeGENds NFT drop. The drop featured athlete superstars, such as the professional boxer Muhammad Ali and three-time world champion ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, and raised $5 million, selling out in only nine minutes.

At the same time, fan tokens serve as a powerful tool for fans to achieve meaningful connections with their heroes. While they can utilize their coins to influence various decisions of athletes, these branded cryptocurrency assets unlock unique benefits, such as:

Exclusive memberships to dedicated fan clubs;Merchandise bundles with generous discounts;Unique memorabilia draws;Member-only events, such as athlete AMAs;Meet-and-greets;Fantasy league competitions;… and much more.

With all these perks, fan tokens not just empower fans but incentivize them to collect coins and engage with Blockasset’s fast-growing ecosystem.

At the same time, investors can leverage a blockchain-powered platform that combines the benefits of sports and the innovation achieved via a novel technology to find new, promising assets to boost their portfolios’ growth. For example, they can become early adopters of rare NFTs, which can become a ludicrous business when the tech reaches mainstream adoption.

Introducing $BLOCK, the Multi-Utility Token 

In addition to NFTs and fan tokens, users have the opportunity to grow with Blockasset by gaining exposure to $BLOCK, the native, multi-utility token powering the decentralized sports platform. While the cryptocurrency offers investors an excellent chance to profit, it paves the way for Blockasset to achieve its goals throughout its ambitious mission.

As a crucial element of the project’s ecosystem, $BLOCK features the following utilities:

Receive discounts on the upcoming Blockasset NFT marketplace;Earn interest and $ASSET, the token used for purchasing exclusive perks, NFTs, and other benefits via Blockasset’s NFT farm, by staking $BLOCK;Participate in community governance and shape the future of the project by proposing and voting on upgrades, protocol changes, and other matters related to Blockasset, such as athlete-related content (e.g., the song to play on a superstar’s next big event);Access Blockasset’s upcoming play-to-earn universe, in which users can play immersive blockchain games and earn in-game NFTs.

Starting on December 9, 2021, Blockasset will hold the public round of the $BLOCK token sale on three platforms: DaoMaker, Solanium, and Raydium. While the token has a total supply of 320 million coins, contributors will be able to purchase 3.84 million $BLOCK during the public sale.

$BLOCK: the token connecting cryptocurrency and the sports industries

Non-fungible tokens have taken the cryptocurrency market by storm this year. As legendary athletes are launching their own digital collectibles each day, the sports NFT sector has been on the rise lately, with more fans, investors, and members of the general public joining the space to gain exposure to the assets offering high-quality entertainment and interactions.

Leveraging NFT trading, partnerships with superstar athletes, play-to-earn games, leaderboards, and a rapidly-growing ecosystem, Blockasset incentivizes engagement between sports industry participants. 

With the demand for meaningful interactions in this field greater than ever and the project is ready to fulfill it, $BLOCK has excellent potential to deliver record profits for investors. And, just like with Facebook, Twitter, or even Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, early adopters will likely benefit the most.

Combine all this with its long list of powerful functionalities and excellent tokenomics, $BLOCK is a no-brainer for sports fans as well as veteran and beginner cryptocurrency investors alike to access exclusive rewards and perks while holding a token with high-growth potential in their portfolios. Visit Blockasset’s website to learn more about the project and participate in the $BLOCK token sale. Also, don’t forget to follow the team on Twitter to stay in the loop with their latest updates.


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